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Options For Getting Your First Book Published

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Any aspiring writer knows that the most important step in the process is finding a publisher who will print and distribute your book. This is often harder than it sounds, as most major publishing houses simply don't shop around for new authors. There are some options available though, especially to those willing to invest a little of their own money in the process.

Going the Traditional Route

You might think your writing is phenomenal, but without an unbiased opinion from someone with experience in the publishing industry, you could be in for a rude awakening. Working with a literary agent will help you to fine tune your work so that it can be sold to a publisher. Most agents require a percentage of the proceeds or an initial fee up front though, so go into any such meeting with your eyes open.

A standard commission rate for a literary agent is 15% of the book sale, before taxes. Unpublished authors should expect higher commission rates, as it will take longer for your agent to find a publisher willing to take a chance on your work. That said, a major publishing house simply won't work directly with an author in most cases.


With the advent of e-books, e-readers and .pdf files, it's not hard for a novice writer to tackle the problem of publishing all on their own. Many different firms will print, bind and ship your novel to you in its finished form. All you have to do is provide it in a format they can use, along with any cover art you want included. Getting there can take some time and can cost you a minimum of $3,500, before marketing, PR and any professional reviews.

If hard copy publishing seems like too much of a commitment you can also release your book as digital media instead. If you handle all your own copy-editing, formatting and design your own cover art it's normally free through most marketplaces. The e-book market takes a percentage of each sale of your book. It may not give you a professional looking hard cover copy to show off to your family, but it's a great way to start generating revenue with your writing without a large initial investment in the product.

Getting published for the first time is a long, hard road for any author, and many writers have become disillusioned by the process. With the right service such as one at Classic Day Publishing, you can end up putting your work in front of as many readers as you're willing to reach out to.