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2 Tips To Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

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Sending your child off to kindergarten can often be very stressful and difficult for your child, mostly because he or she will be going into an environment that he or she will likely not be prepared for. Listed below are two tips that you can use to make the transition into kindergarten as easy as possible on you and your child.

Arrange For Large Play Dates

One of the issues that many children run into when going to kindergarten is that they may not have had exposure to large groups of children in the past. As a result, being dropped into a classroom with 20 or more children can often result in a lot of stress and anxiety for the child. This can lead your child to become withdrawn or extremely shy, which can negatively impact his or her ability to make friends and interact with the class.

In order to alleviate this issue, consider arranging play dates or parties with a large group of other children of your child's age. This can help your child adjust to large groups so that he or she does not become shocked and afraid when kindergarten starts.

Leave Your Child With Another Adult

Another issue that a child can experience when being left for the day at kindergarten is separation anxiety, especially if you did not utilize babysitters or preschool to care for your child prior to kindergarten. In that situation, your child could throw a tantrum, refuse to stay in class, or cause all manner of other disruptions to the class when he or she notices that you are not staying in class with him or her.

In order to avoid this, consider leaving your child with an adult friend for the day in order to acclimate your child to being without you. In addition, make sure that your child knows to behave and listen to the adult friend when you leave. This will make things much easier for your child's teacher as he or she will be more likely to obey an adult that isn't one of his or her parents.

Contact your local kindergarten today in order to discuss what tips or methods they would recommend for making sure that your child is as prepared as possible for attending class. Acclimating your child to large groups via play dates or parties and leaving your child with a friend of yours that you trust in order to get him or her used to being without you are both easy ways to prepare your child for kindergarten.