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Thank Your Child's Math Tutor At The End Of The School Year With These Gifts

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Hiring a math tutor to help your child with his or her homework can be the difference between getting a poor grade and getting a good grade. Whether your child is on the verge of failing math class or just needs to boost the grade to help improve his or her GPA before applying to college, a math tutor visiting your home after school can make a world of difference. You're under no obligation to give a gift to the tutor, given that you're already paying him or her, but it's a nice gesture to think of a gift that you can give at the end of the school year. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

College Bookstore Gift Card

If your child's math tutor is a college student, which is often the case, it's useful to think about how you may be able to help with his or her studies. One idea is to determine where the tutor attends college, and then visit the college bookstore to buy a gift card. The tutor can then use this money toward his or her own books for that school year or, if the books have already been bought, for the next school year. Alternatively, the tutor might even decide to use the gift card on a sweatshirt or jacket with the school's name and logo.

Automotive Supplies

Automotive supplies can be a worthwhile gift, as they show that you realize the tutor is putting wear and tear on his or her vehicle to drive to your home to help your child. The simplest idea in this category is a gift card from a gas station, which the tutor will be able to put to good use. A gift card to an oil-change center is another option to consider.

Custom Display Piece

If the tutor has formed a close bond with your child and really helped him or her, you might wish to have a custom display piece made for the tutor. Think of a small framed piece that includes a copy of your child's report card before the tutor's help and another copy of the report card after the tutor's help. You could also get your child to write a note of thanks and have it framed. The two report cards will serve as a testament to the tutor's assistance; he or she will be able to view your child's low mark on the "before" report card and get a sense of satisfaction at seeing the higher mark on the "after" report card.