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3 Questions To Ask When You Are Choosing A College In Cincinnati As A Single Parent And Working Adult

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If you have wanted to go back to school for a while now, but between your responsibilities as a single parent and your job, it is important to understand that there is probably not going to be an easier time in the near future in which to go back to school. Therefore, instead of hoping that life with the kids or at work will get easier and you will magically find time to take a few classes, it is a better idea to see how the colleges in Cincinnati can work around your needs and allow you to further your education. Therefore, asking the following questions of any Cincinnati college that you might enroll in is essential to your plans for higher education.

#1-Are There Any Flex-entry Or Self-placed Classes That You Can Start Quickly?

It is often easier to stay motivated about a goal if you are already taking steps to implement those changes. As a result, if you are excited about starting college, it is a good idea to take steps to start your education now.

Therefore, flex-entry classes, either online or in the standard classroom setting, are a great option, as are self-placed classes that might serve the same purpose. If you are torn between two equally good schools with similar degree plans, being able to start a class right away instead if waiting for the next semester might be the deciding factor.

#2-Does The School Allow Students To Earn Credits Through Testing?

Another valuable way of saving time when you are obtaining credit hours is the use of tests to establish knowledge of specific subject matter, with CLEP tests being one of the more well-known options. They permit students to establish their knowledge of a specific subject by taking a test. If you pass that test, with knowledge obtained from real-life experience, previous education, or intense studying of the information prior to taking the test, you will earn that credit.

It is important to note that some colleges do not permit CLEP tests, which may also be known as College-level Examination Programs, or any other credit by exam programs. As a result, you should ask if that type of testing is permitted at the school you are most interested in and if so, which classes can be tested out of. 

#3-What Resources Can The School Provide To Make Getting Your Degree Easier?

Although you are probably aware that colleges typically have a financial aid department that can help qualified students afford their classes, other assistance may also be available. For instance, you might be able to get discounted child care from the on-campus day care facility or be permitted to borrow textbooks in lieu of buying them. In addition, some schools will reduce the cost of placement exams for some low-income students.

Other resources may be available periodically, so you will want to stay in touch with the appropriate person or department who provide that type of health. It does not have to all be handled by the financial office, so be persistent and keep track of the resources available to you.    

In conclusion, balancing your role as a single parent, employee, and student will not be easy, but it can be done. When you are ready to start or continue your college education, it will be very beneficial to ask the above questions of any college in Cincinnati that you are interested in attending. To learn more, contact a school such as UC Clermont College.